Valentine’s Day

Tulle: a fun, flirty & ultra feminine look

Hello sweet friends!! I wanted to bring an alternate Valentine’s look to the blog that is a bit more formal, but still totally fun!

Tulle is the ultimate feminine look, and tulle skirts are completely the trend right now and likely will be heading into spring. And to me, Valentine’s Day is also about getting to show off your girly side & having the perfect excuse to get a little dressed up!

For the look, I wanted to showcase this gorgeous tulle skirt from eShakti. And I would highly recommend visiting their online store, as everything including dresses, tops, & skirts, can be customized to fit your specific measurements, which can be especially helpful if they don’t coincide with the norm! Because we all know every woman’s body is completely special & totally unique. So I definitely encourage you to give them a try.

As shown above, I paired the skirt with a classic black & white striped print in a crop top that is only $25! And the best part about this neutral palate is that you can play with pops of color to add some fun to the look. Which if you didn’t notice, is one of my favorite things to do!! So add some colorful pumps or a brightly hued bag to complete the look.

I also accessorized the look with a pair of Lanvin shades from Ditto. Where for $24/month you can get designer sunglasses & forever keep your collection fresh! And if you use code SWEETANDSASSY you get your first month free!! How great is that?!

So ultimately, my advice is to have fun with this look. And always remember, don’t rely on someone else to make you feel special. Do something for yourself that makes you feel good & dress in a way that makes you feel comfortable but unique & special at the same time. Because you are! There is only one you out there & you are amazing! xoxo ♥♥

eShakti Custom Designs   Ditto sunglasses  The Peach Box Jewelry

A unique Valentine’s Day look: hint…it’s not red or pink & it sparkles

Hello loves! In honor of Valentine’s Day which is quickly approaching…I wanted to bring to the blog a fun, completely girly & versatile look.  Now, females all love a little sparkle, and for many reasons.  To dress up & look more formal, to stand out & get some much deserved attention, and maybe just to feel a little special.

One way to accomplish that is with an uber feminine sequin crop top showcasing the latest trend, the 1/2 sleeve.  Not quite quarter length and longer than short sleeve…which makes it such a great change-up.  And you can wear it alone & be completely comfortable especially if you don’t have super-toned arms that you want to show off, or if you are simply cold-blooded like me! It also works perfectly under a coat or jacket when you are out for a stroll during those colder temps that January & February bring to the table.

Now, to keep it more casual but still dressy enough for a night out, I paired it with black skinny jeans & black pumps.  But you could easily take it up a notch with a beautiful tulle or satin fabric in a simple black A-line style skirt.  I promise you this is a look you will love to play with.  And by all means have fun with it!  Because the most important thing to remember when it comes to Valentine’s Day is not who you love, but how you love yourself.  xoxo ♥♥