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Distressing Denim – DIY

Processed with Rookie Cam

Processed with Rookie Cam

So, my friends, as you may have noticed, distressed denim is very on trend right now.  And if you have a pair or two of denim that you find a little less than exciting that you would like to experiment with, I recommend giving it a try.  You will definitely make them more unique looking, and you can bring an old pair of jeans back to life, while having some fun in the process!

After trying a few different materials including a cheese grater – yes a cheese grater…it’s not just for parmesan!  My number 1 recommendation for distressing denim is sandpaper.  Now, I tried a couple of different kinds, as your local hardware store will have many to choose from.  The ones I tried that worked the best were Drywall screens by 3M.  Now, the nice thing about these is that they are a mesh screen that you can rip into sections to make it easier to mold into the perfect size pieces that you can use to distress a smaller or larger section of denim as you desire.

Once you have your piece of mesh sandpaper ready, all you do is lay out the denim flat on the floor, & rub the denim until it starts to slightly fray.  At this point it is up to you how far you want to take it, if you want strands or an actual hole, and how big you want the distressed section to be.  You may want to slide your hand underneath the section or try the jeans on before you continue, as you can always do more later, but you can’t go backward.

Now, I recommend also utilizing a pair of gloves so that you don’t shred the skin on your fingers in the process, however, if you don’t want to hassle with it, your skin will be back to normal in about a day…lol yes I know from experience if you were wondering.

Each pair that I distressed as shown above took about took about 1 hour.  If you are worried in the slightest as to how it will turn out, try it on that pair of jeans in your closet that you never wear first.

So, on that note, head out to your local Home Depot or Lowe’s and have fun my lovelies!  xo