For the love of Camo

Hello my beautiful friends…I hope you have all been well! My topic for discussion today is one of my favorite pieces for the season: camo print jackets.

Now, in the past, I had never been a huge fan, and I’ll be honest and I never really even thought of it as fashionable.  I believed it was more meant for service men, hunters & fisherman, more of a masculine print worn by someone who actually needed it for a purpose.

But more recently, the color palattes, textures, and media that have become available in varying styles of clothing with this classic print, have finally succeeded in winning me over!  And by textures & media I mean sequins for example, and seriously what’s more girly than that?!

Now the reason jackets are my favorite piece, is that the print can become overwhelming in large doses.  An example of this being a pair of pants, sweatshirt or sweater.  Then the style & print become less modern & less feminine, and in my opinion, reverts it back to its more functional purpose.

On the other hand, fitted jackets, or jackets that are of a shorter length that extend only to the waist or hip, are much more flattering & more current.

The green jacket shown above is in a lighter hue, which I found less stark than traditional camo tones, and more fresh & feminine overall.  And I completely love the sequin jacket! It is seriously so fun & the best part is that it is fully lined unlike some sequined clothing.  And as a result, it is not at all scratchy & completely comfortable to wear.

I absolutely love wearing both jackets & I sincerely hope you will give them & this print a try.  Just remember to have fun with it and make the look your own! xoxo ♥♥

Originally from Hudson, Ohio, currently residing in Raleigh, North Carolina. I'm a northern girl living in a southern world.

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